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Posted by techwon81 on May 18, 2009

For allot of rappers trying to break in the biz isn’t usually hard but think about what f you were from the former Soviet Union and growing up in California, this is Ivan Ives in a nutshell. I’d rather compare this cat’s skill to Cage rather than everybody’s famed Bleached Blonde rapper Eminem. Only reason I’d compare him to Cage is because of Ivan’s brutal honesty and strong emotional connection he puts on wax so easily. But Ivan is a socially conscious everyday man rapper that doesn’t mince words too much. Ivan Ives keeps the same sound hard gripping sound he did on his previous effort “Iconoclast” and now with his newest release “Newspeak” on the way which seems as if he gave his sound a 2009 update.

This album jumps off wit the vicious “Villian” and continues its stride with “That Man” and once you get toward to meat of the album you got features like Percee P on “Kill ‘Em” to the hard hitting bass thumping strong dope lyrics “Ride Off” featuring Oh No. and I think “Ride Off” has allot of potential and is a sleeper track on this album that could raise the profiles of both artists if it were released a single. But for the most part this album strengths is a it’s tight knit production and strong lyrics and tight songs. Most likely my only grip is as well polished as it seems to its predecessor the wiggle room the album has isn’t much their capture a more of a fan base then whoms already latched on.

Overall this album is definitely a 3 out of 5 stars for the fact that Ivan Ives goes in hard, but that’s where the kudos ends for me because I think the switch up on the production and maybe make slightly less polished would have a better effect than the joints like “Goodbye Hello” & “All the Love that I wasted” I just felt they didn’t fit the piece of puzzle the album had overall sounded too me. Still allot better than allot of average albums that has been dropping lately. And way better than Asher Roth, I’m just saying though.


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