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Posted by techwon81 on June 20, 2009

You know when you put the word ecstatic in terms of having a new Mos Def album? You have to be ecstatic that The Ecstatic album is here and it doesn’t disappoint. Mos Def by many fans is known for his early days wit Rawkus and frequent collaborations with fellow Black Star representative Talib Kweli. But ever since Mos Def’s debut you knew he has the potential to be one of those great emcees and with his last few albums he’s show the consistency and the skill to do so and always has. This album The Ecstatic has this dope album feel that sounds eclectic yet boom-bap all at the same time it’s very energy demonstrating allot of style and yet the genre bending art form Mos has been known to do on his previous album continues with The Ecstatic. But does it means Mos def if Ecstatic about rapping again well that remains to be seen.


From the jump the Oh No produced “Supermagic” to “Auditorium” featuring Slick Rick and both came hard spitting them vivid lines that you expect from two hard body supreme talented emcees. The album itself flows very well and it is timely and very well paced rather than being scattered all over the place. The beats come rather strong yet eclectic from producers like Preservation, Madlib and Oh No that make up a bulk of the album. A lot of the album is up tempo and basically stays that way there nothing depressing about the album the vibe is consistent and all that so it’s really something dope to throw in the earbuds and rock out too.

Two of my favorite joints has to be “Life in Marvelous Times” and the Talib Kweli assisted “History” and both tracks bang hard yet still retain the heat you expected.
The album itself boast some fluidity in the pacing as well as very short tracks making it flow very well as well as keep the listeners attention. While overall I think this is Mos Def’s most complete work since “Black on Both Sides” and his most eclectic since “The New Danger” it’s hard not ignore the dope beats, hard baselines, strong drums, ill samples and all that jazz. Overall I’m going to give this album a 4 out 5 while not being a full straight up and down “instant classic” only time will tell how this album ages if anything like Mos’ debut album it should be like his previous efforts like fine wine only get’s better with age.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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