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Posted by techwon81 on June 20, 2009



From the heat U-God has usually brought on seminal wu-releases from his verse on “Da Mystery of Chess boxing” to his solo offerings uey has always had the gas to fumigate the game with his own brand. But since dropping the mixtape or album Mr. Excitement to underwhelming reviews you would a counted him out now but bringing back to the slum of shaolin you’ll soon see he hasn’t lost a step, so enter the “Dopium” era of things.


From the jump after a little Mike Tyson intro to the banged out drums that aren’t forgiving to the ear of the listen on “Train Trussle” to the hard knock graveling sound scapes of “God is Love” to the hard nose boom bap solid hard baseline drums of “Wu-Tang”. The album has that U-God flare that was present and accounted for on his debut and he has seemed to return back to the grimy slightly dim light sound on his debut, “Golden Arms Redemption”. The only stumble the album takes is the three un-needed remixes that just wasn’t necessary at all.

One of the dopest prolly underrated songs on “Dopium” is “Lipton” featuring musical poet Mike Ladd and this song is oft kilter but has that wu esq flavor to it where you can still enjoy it. The song isn’t so experimental as a lot of rappers try and do these days. For the most part this album is a straight hard knock boom bap album in 2009 that this year could get. Overall this album is a definitely 3 out of 5 it’s a very good album but in this mind of hardcore hip hop fan that is also a wu-fan at heart I’m loving this album but nothing strong sticks out except Uey’s straight up lyricism. And maybe that’s enough for me but I wished it was slight longer in length without the trashy remixes but beggars can’t be choosers can they? I don’t know but this fan as satisfied as they come.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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