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Posted by techwon81 on June 22, 2009

epcoverFor allot of rappers that come from the underground and the online community there either two premises they’re either dope or they flat out suck. Now in the case of Canada’s own Basement Dwellas they’re pretty dope that has the makeup of what could be a dope group of emcees that I’ve heard coming up in years. Only time will tell for that to be a fact but in case you’re not familiar with this unsigned group, let me run it down.

These cats consist of Bronze Feet and Menes that show an unparallel degree of lyrical prowess, skill, vocabulary and strong group chemistry. They’re street album “Depths of Darkness” has a strong tight grungy underground dark appeal that is sort of reminiscent too horrorcore genre hip hop in the mid-ninties with the vibe allot of the beats give off. Songs like “Infected” and it’s rapid fire pace of rhymes that just ping pong every syllable and verbiage that is used fits the beat so well you felt like they was sewing up a needle and thread in the way they were so in synced with the track. And the guest rappers such as PCP consisting of Skampoe and Jigsaw, along really help round out the album and songs like “Infected”.

Other tracks that sting harder than a stun gun mentally was “Never Enough”, “Lions and Wolves” and a slew of others all banged hard and showed that hip hop isn’t dead it’s just as alive as the culture wants it to be. Overall the synchronization of this album in regards to the way the songs fit, the way the rappers spit and really incorporate substance over quantity in their lines makes this album a 4 out of 5 banger. I think with a slight more “mop and go” polish would shine this grungy album up to where a little bit of everybody would feel it and have a slight universal appeal rather than just a one audience feel.

4 out of 5 Stars

Here’s where u can get their album at

Free DL – Basement Dwellaz: Depths of Darkness
More BDZ Music

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