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Posted by techwon81 on June 22, 2009

From the rappers that once dissed Eminem to killing the underground with his “Weatherproof” EP to “Hell’s Winter”. Now drops the premiere opus “I Never Knew You” EP in preparation for his full length album coming up entitled “Depart from Me” which will be Cage’s first new project in the last few years. Cage’s artistic direction has evolved from angry, hardcore, drug induced rapper speaking about his problems on wax to now a more “EMO” type of emcee that has a down trodden persona that is more toward the vanguard style of hip hop.

Now fully back in form, Cage shows that on this 5 track killer of “I Never Knew You” shows that you can be artistic yet still be complex and it really shows from the title track “I Never Knew You” to the ode to a friend whom recently passed away fellow def juxie Camu Tao in “Follow the Bleeder”. And all in all the song is progressive stylize rap that has a rock feel, yet still jams with the dope break beat mixed with hard strings from the guitar to metal-esq drums yet still have that rhythmic feel that rap is known for.

Overall this EP is hard, emotionally gravitating rather than a spill of emotions it’s a spill of angst that has 90’s flare with 2000’s glare with ‘09’s swagger all mixed in a pot. I’m giving this EP a 3.5 out 5 for the fact this could have been stronger as a full album but it also makes the point few rappers can make in this day and age. I give Cage allot props for the long layoff that hasn’t detoured his skills and more progressed stylistically rather than sink downhill. One of the most progressive songs that show he hasn’t lost a step was “It’s the 80’s Again” and it’s also a nice way to end the EP on the high note rather than melt the snow on the slops.

3.5 out of 5 stars

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