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Posted by techwon81 on June 24, 2009

THE MUTHAFUCKIN RUBIX CUBAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE MUTHAFUCKIN' RUBIX CUBAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know releasing a 4 disc album is pleasant gift especially when it priced at the same as other regular single disc albums. But for Celph Titled aka The Rubrics Cuban also a member of the demigod’s crew who has been on the scene since 1998 hasn’t released an official solo album yet. He has appeared on a slew of tracks with Apathy & Majik Most over the years. He’s also done many freestyles and released some of the undergrounds most prolific freestyles over the years.


The Gatalog: A Collection of Chaos is 4 disc opus which combines many of Celph features, appearances and freestyles in a format that is crazy yet insanely unique over 75 tracks that is allot to listen too. This album puts allot mixtapes to shame mixed as an album with the amount of producers it has on it. The album contains producers from DJ Premier to 7L to DR Period to favorites like Mike Shinoda to newcomers Snowgoons & J.J. Brown to The 45 King and Buckwild which practically encompasses so many hip hop producers from the ‘90s to 2K era is something special that gives this album unexplainable.

For those that love that shut the fuck up style and shit talking ‘90s Sticky Fingaz influence ONYX style of rapping will feel right at home wit Celph Titled. With Florida and even more or less Tampa Bay getting limited hip hop exposure its great that someone with as much passion for the comes out and rips tracks such as “S.C.O.M.” featuring Juelz Santana & Mike Shinoda off the Fort Miner mixtape which still bangs hard. And even more rare tracks such as “Window ‘98” featuring Majik Most which comes off as so dope as a concept song putting some of that nerd rap to shame but shows the conceptual factor at an all time high.

This 4 disc album comes with so much bravado that it makes you wonder how much shit can you talk on a CD well in this case about 4 disc worth which can either be annoying (which it isn’t) and or entertaining (which it most definitely is) so I would recommend this album if you love hip hop and hardcore rap overall. There are just too many stand out tracks to even name let’s just say this release is so limited if your fortunate to find it either online or in your local record store I say grab it because your girl might not like him but you will love to piss allot people off with this type of hip hop.

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