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Posted by techwon81 on June 24, 2009

THE MUTHAFUCKIN RUBIX CUBAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE MUTHAFUCKIN' RUBIX CUBAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know releasing a 4 disc album is pleasant gift especially when it priced at the same as other regular single disc albums. But for Celph Titled aka The Rubrics Cuban also a member of the demigod’s crew who has been on the scene since 1998 hasn’t released an official solo album yet. He has appeared on a slew of tracks with Apathy & Majik Most over the years. He’s also done many freestyles and released some of the undergrounds most prolific freestyles over the years.


The Gatalog: A Collection of Chaos is 4 disc opus which combines many of Celph features, appearances and freestyles in a format that is crazy yet insanely unique over 75 tracks that is allot to listen too. This album puts allot mixtapes to shame mixed as an album with the amount of producers it has on it. The album contains producers from DJ Premier to 7L to DR Period to favorites like Mike Shinoda to newcomers Snowgoons & J.J. Brown to The 45 King and Buckwild which practically encompasses so many hip hop producers from the ‘90s to 2K era is something special that gives this album unexplainable.

For those that love that shut the fuck up style and shit talking ‘90s Sticky Fingaz influence ONYX style of rapping will feel right at home wit Celph Titled. With Florida and even more or less Tampa Bay getting limited hip hop exposure its great that someone with as much passion for the comes out and rips tracks such as “S.C.O.M.” featuring Juelz Santana & Mike Shinoda off the Fort Miner mixtape which still bangs hard. And even more rare tracks such as “Window ‘98” featuring Majik Most which comes off as so dope as a concept song putting some of that nerd rap to shame but shows the conceptual factor at an all time high.

This 4 disc album comes with so much bravado that it makes you wonder how much shit can you talk on a CD well in this case about 4 disc worth which can either be annoying (which it isn’t) and or entertaining (which it most definitely is) so I would recommend this album if you love hip hop and hardcore rap overall. There are just too many stand out tracks to even name let’s just say this release is so limited if your fortunate to find it either online or in your local record store I say grab it because your girl might not like him but you will love to piss allot people off with this type of hip hop.

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Posted by techwon81 on June 24, 2009



1-E.ternal P.rophets(intro)-prod by M.O.D

2-Peace God-prod by M.O.D

3-Slurch interlude/Lifelinez-prod by M.O.D

4-Eyez of a Dogg(Slurch solo)-prod by M.O.D

5-The Brix ft. Lone -prod by M.O.D

6-Code of Silence(Sleep solo)-prod by M.O.D

7-Block Poetry-prod by Woodenchainz

8-Cold Bones ft Lone-prod by M.O.D

9-Collide or Build(outro)-prod by M.O.D







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Posted by techwon81 on June 22, 2009

From the rappers that once dissed Eminem to killing the underground with his “Weatherproof” EP to “Hell’s Winter”. Now drops the premiere opus “I Never Knew You” EP in preparation for his full length album coming up entitled “Depart from Me” which will be Cage’s first new project in the last few years. Cage’s artistic direction has evolved from angry, hardcore, drug induced rapper speaking about his problems on wax to now a more “EMO” type of emcee that has a down trodden persona that is more toward the vanguard style of hip hop.

Now fully back in form, Cage shows that on this 5 track killer of “I Never Knew You” shows that you can be artistic yet still be complex and it really shows from the title track “I Never Knew You” to the ode to a friend whom recently passed away fellow def juxie Camu Tao in “Follow the Bleeder”. And all in all the song is progressive stylize rap that has a rock feel, yet still jams with the dope break beat mixed with hard strings from the guitar to metal-esq drums yet still have that rhythmic feel that rap is known for.

Overall this EP is hard, emotionally gravitating rather than a spill of emotions it’s a spill of angst that has 90’s flare with 2000’s glare with ‘09’s swagger all mixed in a pot. I’m giving this EP a 3.5 out 5 for the fact this could have been stronger as a full album but it also makes the point few rappers can make in this day and age. I give Cage allot props for the long layoff that hasn’t detoured his skills and more progressed stylistically rather than sink downhill. One of the most progressive songs that show he hasn’t lost a step was “It’s the 80’s Again” and it’s also a nice way to end the EP on the high note rather than melt the snow on the slops.

3.5 out of 5 stars

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B.o.B vs Bobby Ray (Mixtape)

Posted by techwon81 on June 22, 2009

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Posted by techwon81 on June 22, 2009

epcoverFor allot of rappers that come from the underground and the online community there either two premises they’re either dope or they flat out suck. Now in the case of Canada’s own Basement Dwellas they’re pretty dope that has the makeup of what could be a dope group of emcees that I’ve heard coming up in years. Only time will tell for that to be a fact but in case you’re not familiar with this unsigned group, let me run it down.

These cats consist of Bronze Feet and Menes that show an unparallel degree of lyrical prowess, skill, vocabulary and strong group chemistry. They’re street album “Depths of Darkness” has a strong tight grungy underground dark appeal that is sort of reminiscent too horrorcore genre hip hop in the mid-ninties with the vibe allot of the beats give off. Songs like “Infected” and it’s rapid fire pace of rhymes that just ping pong every syllable and verbiage that is used fits the beat so well you felt like they was sewing up a needle and thread in the way they were so in synced with the track. And the guest rappers such as PCP consisting of Skampoe and Jigsaw, along really help round out the album and songs like “Infected”.

Other tracks that sting harder than a stun gun mentally was “Never Enough”, “Lions and Wolves” and a slew of others all banged hard and showed that hip hop isn’t dead it’s just as alive as the culture wants it to be. Overall the synchronization of this album in regards to the way the songs fit, the way the rappers spit and really incorporate substance over quantity in their lines makes this album a 4 out of 5 banger. I think with a slight more “mop and go” polish would shine this grungy album up to where a little bit of everybody would feel it and have a slight universal appeal rather than just a one audience feel.

4 out of 5 Stars

Here’s where u can get their album at

Free DL – Basement Dwellaz: Depths of Darkness
More BDZ Music

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Posted by techwon81 on June 21, 2009


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Posted by techwon81 on June 20, 2009

You know when you put the word ecstatic in terms of having a new Mos Def album? You have to be ecstatic that The Ecstatic album is here and it doesn’t disappoint. Mos Def by many fans is known for his early days wit Rawkus and frequent collaborations with fellow Black Star representative Talib Kweli. But ever since Mos Def’s debut you knew he has the potential to be one of those great emcees and with his last few albums he’s show the consistency and the skill to do so and always has. This album The Ecstatic has this dope album feel that sounds eclectic yet boom-bap all at the same time it’s very energy demonstrating allot of style and yet the genre bending art form Mos has been known to do on his previous album continues with The Ecstatic. But does it means Mos def if Ecstatic about rapping again well that remains to be seen.


From the jump the Oh No produced “Supermagic” to “Auditorium” featuring Slick Rick and both came hard spitting them vivid lines that you expect from two hard body supreme talented emcees. The album itself flows very well and it is timely and very well paced rather than being scattered all over the place. The beats come rather strong yet eclectic from producers like Preservation, Madlib and Oh No that make up a bulk of the album. A lot of the album is up tempo and basically stays that way there nothing depressing about the album the vibe is consistent and all that so it’s really something dope to throw in the earbuds and rock out too.

Two of my favorite joints has to be “Life in Marvelous Times” and the Talib Kweli assisted “History” and both tracks bang hard yet still retain the heat you expected.
The album itself boast some fluidity in the pacing as well as very short tracks making it flow very well as well as keep the listeners attention. While overall I think this is Mos Def’s most complete work since “Black on Both Sides” and his most eclectic since “The New Danger” it’s hard not ignore the dope beats, hard baselines, strong drums, ill samples and all that jazz. Overall I’m going to give this album a 4 out 5 while not being a full straight up and down “instant classic” only time will tell how this album ages if anything like Mos’ debut album it should be like his previous efforts like fine wine only get’s better with age.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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Posted by techwon81 on June 20, 2009



From the heat U-God has usually brought on seminal wu-releases from his verse on “Da Mystery of Chess boxing” to his solo offerings uey has always had the gas to fumigate the game with his own brand. But since dropping the mixtape or album Mr. Excitement to underwhelming reviews you would a counted him out now but bringing back to the slum of shaolin you’ll soon see he hasn’t lost a step, so enter the “Dopium” era of things.


From the jump after a little Mike Tyson intro to the banged out drums that aren’t forgiving to the ear of the listen on “Train Trussle” to the hard knock graveling sound scapes of “God is Love” to the hard nose boom bap solid hard baseline drums of “Wu-Tang”. The album has that U-God flare that was present and accounted for on his debut and he has seemed to return back to the grimy slightly dim light sound on his debut, “Golden Arms Redemption”. The only stumble the album takes is the three un-needed remixes that just wasn’t necessary at all.

One of the dopest prolly underrated songs on “Dopium” is “Lipton” featuring musical poet Mike Ladd and this song is oft kilter but has that wu esq flavor to it where you can still enjoy it. The song isn’t so experimental as a lot of rappers try and do these days. For the most part this album is a straight hard knock boom bap album in 2009 that this year could get. Overall this album is a definitely 3 out of 5 it’s a very good album but in this mind of hardcore hip hop fan that is also a wu-fan at heart I’m loving this album but nothing strong sticks out except Uey’s straight up lyricism. And maybe that’s enough for me but I wished it was slight longer in length without the trashy remixes but beggars can’t be choosers can they? I don’t know but this fan as satisfied as they come.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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Posted by techwon81 on May 18, 2009

For allot of rappers trying to break in the biz isn’t usually hard but think about what f you were from the former Soviet Union and growing up in California, this is Ivan Ives in a nutshell. I’d rather compare this cat’s skill to Cage rather than everybody’s famed Bleached Blonde rapper Eminem. Only reason I’d compare him to Cage is because of Ivan’s brutal honesty and strong emotional connection he puts on wax so easily. But Ivan is a socially conscious everyday man rapper that doesn’t mince words too much. Ivan Ives keeps the same sound hard gripping sound he did on his previous effort “Iconoclast” and now with his newest release “Newspeak” on the way which seems as if he gave his sound a 2009 update.

This album jumps off wit the vicious “Villian” and continues its stride with “That Man” and once you get toward to meat of the album you got features like Percee P on “Kill ‘Em” to the hard hitting bass thumping strong dope lyrics “Ride Off” featuring Oh No. and I think “Ride Off” has allot of potential and is a sleeper track on this album that could raise the profiles of both artists if it were released a single. But for the most part this album strengths is a it’s tight knit production and strong lyrics and tight songs. Most likely my only grip is as well polished as it seems to its predecessor the wiggle room the album has isn’t much their capture a more of a fan base then whoms already latched on.

Overall this album is definitely a 3 out of 5 stars for the fact that Ivan Ives goes in hard, but that’s where the kudos ends for me because I think the switch up on the production and maybe make slightly less polished would have a better effect than the joints like “Goodbye Hello” & “All the Love that I wasted” I just felt they didn’t fit the piece of puzzle the album had overall sounded too me. Still allot better than allot of average albums that has been dropping lately. And way better than Asher Roth, I’m just saying though.


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Posted by techwon81 on May 18, 2009

Ever since “Slim Shady” came out back in late 98 with the “Slim Shady LP” and followed it up with the immensely popular “Marshall Mathers LP” and it’s two subsequent follow ups “The Eminem Show” and ‘Encore” haven’t been critical success yet they’ve been successes none the less. But with a 5 year layoff to get things right in his personal life, Eminem has “Relapse” back in the public eye. For the most part the sinister alter ego of Eminem ‘Slim Shady” is all over the album and this album from the outset is much unified and very sinister all at the same time.

From the jump Em sparks it with the darkest 1st track since “The Marhsall Mathers LP” with “3AM” is also the horror flick musically you’ve come to expect from Eminem. And then he turns his attention to his mom and yes his mom is the subject of another track which is almost like another rehashed material but if you listen to it carefully “My Mom” is cold, comically dark and sinister all at the same time. If you thought the boom had been lowered with “We Made You” and “Crack a Bottle” as the typical Eminem singles released to draw those fans who wouldn’t normally listen to him, thinking it’s all humorous and sarcastic material is dead wrong. Em has based his career on lyrical prowess and on the end of the album he really show’s he hasn’t lost a step.

I think the real problem with this album is the expectations that fans had for this album and as a fan I feel a letdown because you wanted Em to come as hard as he did on some his previous work yet he came as hard if not a little harder than he did on “Encore”. Overall “Relaspe” is dope but it’s steps seem tic tac toe-ish because it’s dark, humorious yet still has a bit of lameness such like “we made you” which goes from funny the 1st few times to lame as hell. But the gems on this album outweigh the flaws somewhat. I’m going to give this album a 3 out of 5 because it’s takes too long to warm back up to Shady’s clutches.

3 OUT 5

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